Regency Memory Care Center Provides Senior Memory Care Teaneck NJ

As people get older, some suffer from problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and have memory loss and other issues; if that sounds like your loved one, then the Regency Memory Care Center can help with senior memory care Teaneck NJ residents can trust.

Whether the patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or another type of memory issue, they are welcome to enter into this fabulous program for help and assistance combined with fun and stimulation.

Regency Memory Care Club Helps Patients Maintain Active Lifestyles

When your loved ones come to the Regency Memory Care Club for senior memory care Teaneck NJ seniors can rely on, they are entering a program designed to help them to maintain an active lifestyle. We partner with caregivers to provide a safe, yet fun and stimulating place for affected seniors to play games, interact with others, get healthy meals, exercise their brains via program activities, and much more in a non-institutional way.

Memory Care Services Provided in Program

Regency Memory Care involves many different services, including gourmet meals, beauty parlor services, support groups for caregivers, both hourly and extended service hours of care, transportation services, personal care, and a professional staff all provided in a secure, home-like environment.

Vital for Patients, Caregivers to Get Help

It’s vital for those afflicted with memory issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s to get the stimulation they need to keep their brains functioning well as long as possible.  By enrolling your loved one in a senior memory care Teaneck NJ program, you are ensuring that they will get the best care possible for their situation, as well as providing you with some peace of mind and relief for a few hours.

So, if you want a place that will help your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, then call up the experts at Regency Memory Club for senior memory care Teaneck seniors can obtain at either River Edge at 201-525-2200 or Toms River at 732-286-2220.


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