Fighting Alzheimer’s, One Person at a Time

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be overwhelming, not just for the diagnosed person, but also for family members and caregivers. Rather than focusing on the cognitive impairment a person is currently experiencing, many people focus on what they perceive will be an inevitable decline. However, while Alzheimer’s remains a devastating diagnosis, we are making advances in the fight against this terrible disease. One of the things that is clear is that the progression of cognitive decline can be slowed, “if not completely halted, by activities that are focused on preserving cognitive functioning.
In addition, while Alzheimer’s dictates certain lifestyle changes, they do not have to be devastating for the patient or for family members.

At Regency Memory Care of New Jersey, we focus on providing help to patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our Regency Memory Care Club is dedicated to helping people adjust to the changing family and interpersonal dynamics that occur with memory loss, in a way that is patient-centered, focusing not just on dementia, but also on a patient’s other ongoing social, emotional, and other needs.

At Regency Memory Care Club, we specialize in helping people adjust to the lifestyle changes that come with memory loss. Whether the memory loss is related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, or simply the memory loss and confusion that many people experience as they age, our facilities are designed to help our clients and their family member adjust to the changing family and interpersonal dynamics that accompany memory loss. To us, the worst thing to do for a person struggling with Alzheimer’s is ignore their other needs, because relationships, social activities, and companionship can all help preserve meaning and quality of life for dementia patients.

While we cannot promise to stop the progress of dementia, we can offer patients mental stimulation is a secure environment specifically designed for dementia patients. To find out more about our memory care services, click here to read more.

To learn more about Alzheimer’s effects and how you can spread awareness, visit our Alzheimer’s Blog.

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