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Finding respite care can be a challenge, especially if you suffer from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia. Regency Memory Care offers senior day care services in New Jersey, which are designed to offer respite for caregivers, as well as to provide critical enrichment for seniors who are beginning to experience cognitive decline. This type of respite care makes it possible for seniors to stay in an at-home setting for longer periods of time, while also helping seniors and family members adjust to the challenges that comes with cognitive impairment.

What does senior day care provide for its clients? The answer to that question depends on the individual client’s needs. At Regency Memory Care, each senior receives an individualized treatment plan that specifically focuses on helping that client and their family face the challenges that they are encountering. While there are some common elements in dementia, the course of the disease varies in individuals, which means that a generic approach is bound to be unsuccessful.

The Regency Memory Care Club helps people adjust to the changes that comes with MCI. We focus on a holistic approach, not simply on the memory aspects of dementia, because we know that dementia impacts people in all areas of their lives. Helping people make adjustments for those changes can preserve and improve quality of life. In fact, quality of life is the focus of our senior day care program. We offer programs that meet the social and emotional needs of seniors experiencing cognitive decline, because we know that focusing on those needs helps preserve quality of life. We do so in a secure facility that is not institutional feeling; you can have safety and security in a warm and inviting environment.

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