Handy Checklist to Finding the Memory Care Facility that’s Right for Your Loved One

Looking for the right memory care center in Jackson NJ can make a massive difference in your loved one’s case. Don’t know where to start looking? Here’s a handy checklist to help you out:

Staff quality

Choose a facility that employs qualified experts. Patients suffering from different stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease require specialized care. So check if the staff has the knowledge and training necessary to care and provide for your loved one’s needs.

Family involvement

Familial involvement often results in positive effects on the patient. So pick a facility that encourages families to get involved in planning for the care of your loved one.

Programs and services

Check the programs and services. Can you see your loved one participating in those programs? Do you think they’ll have a positive effect on your senior relative’s health and well-being? What about the services? Does your loved one need help with daily meal preparations? Do they offer that along with laundry services, housekeeping and more? Make sure you know. You might take these things for granted and only find out later on that the facility lacks 24-hour access to trained medical professionals. That could spell the difference between a quick and slow, painful recovery for your loved one.

Care quality

Take the time to observe the way the residents are treated. Are the staff respectful or rude? Take a cue from the residents as well. Do they feel relaxed or stressed? Are they comfortable or not? Are they happy with the activities? Are they cleaned and well-groomed or grubby and dirty? You’ll need to look into these things as well. Don’t take any chances. Your loved one’s comfort should always be assured.

Safety and security

Are the exits secured? The stairways lit at all times in case your loved one decides to walk down those stairs? Even better, a good memory care center in Jackson NJ will have those stairs blocked so you won’t have to worry about your loved one taking a bad tumble down the stairs.

Policies and procedures

Can you visit your loved one at any time? What are the visiting hours if that isn’t possible? Do those hours work for your schedule?

All these should make it easy for you to pick out the right memory care unit for your loved one. For inquiries or quotes, get in touch with us at The Regency Memory Care Club.


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