A Successful Solution for Senior Memory Care in Jackson, NJ

For a growing number of people, mild cognitive impairment is a fact of life. Many people find that, particularly as they grow older, they may develop dementia problems, meaning they require a safe, caring environment in which to thrive. If someone you care about needs expert Alzheimer’s care, we can help. We offer an extended period of daycare, enabling caregivers to get some much needed relief as well as allowing clients to enjoy top quality provision.

Mental Stimulation is a Key Feature of What We Provide

As well as offering a broad range of assistance with personal care, we also give all our clients the opportunity to take part in activities which have been specifically designed to stimulate their minds. Studies show that dementia care which is stimulating, particularly when the stimulus relates to a time period when dementia sufferers were younger (for example music from the forties or fifties) can help to slow the progress of dementia and provide people with enormous enjoyment.

Personal Care at Our Adult Day Care Facility

We know that many of our clients aren’t just mentally frail; they may also have a number of physical problems which can make personal care a challenge. Not only do we provide transport from door to door, we can also assist with bathing, feeding, toileting or other aspects of intimate care. Our staff is trained to treat every client with dignity and respect, with the preservation of privacy always a priority.

Delicious Food at Our Jackson Dementia Care Facility

Because older appetites can be small ones, we make sure that every mouthful counts! Our cafe serves all clients with three light meals a day, with snacks also available. The meals are nutritionally balanced as well as being extremely tasty. Beverages are also accessible and clients are encouraged to drink regularly in order to avoid dehydration. If our Jackson, NJ services sound like something which would benefit friends or family, you can call us to discuss your requirements at (732) 286-2220.

The Regency Club Memory Care for Seniors

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