What Are the Best Memory Care Options in New Jersey?

Memory care is an essential service for seniors who have been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, leading to improved outcomes and higher quality of life. Did you know that there are vast differences in the type and quality of memory care options available in New Jersey? Some things you can expect from Memory Care Services in Lakewood, NJ include the following.

  1. A semi-structured environment

    The best thing about memory care in New Jersey is that the services like adult day care and memory clubs like The Regency offer seniors the best of both worlds: the opportunity to retain as independent a lifestyle as possible with regular interactions with loved ones, plus interactions with other seniors in a semi-structured environment. Rather than rely on rigid schedules, memory care means offering activities and services according to the person’s needs, with all activities fit around special meal times too.

  2. Support for caregivers

    The memory care options in New Jersey alleviate caregiver worries, by offering regular nursing care and supervision to make sure the people in memory care are safe, secure, and comfortable at all time. Not only is the staff supportive for the seniors in memory care, but also for the caregivers. It is important that caregivers have access to supportive staff for answering questions and expressing concerns.

  3. Individualized attention

    Memory care in New Jersey has to be individualized because of the great diversity of seniors residing in the Garden State. Different people are at different stages of memory deterioration, with different levels of cognitive functioning. Fluctuations in functioning and psychological disposition are also common, necessitating an attentive, compassionate, and caring staff at the memory care facility. Memory care entails providing exactly what each person needs at any given time, taking into account personal preferences as well as doctor recommendations.


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