Dementia Care in Toms River, New Jersey with Regency Memory Care

Have you ever wondered how dementia differs from the normal age-related memory impairment? Many people do. After all, we are told to expect some cognitive decline as a normal part of the aging process. However, what is normal decline and what type of memory loss signals a more significant problem? There are a number of diagnostic questions that healthcare providers look at when making a dementia diagnosis, but the main issue is whether the cognitive decline impairs normal daily living activities. If so, then, regardless of formal diagnosis, it is the type of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) that caregivers must take into account when planning for senior care. At Regency Memory Care in Toms River, New Jersey, we are fully equipped to help seniors deal with dementia or other types of MCI.

Respite Care Program

Regency Memory Care is a respite care program. Respite care is best described as a step between full-time assisted living and no assistance. Our version of respite care is day respite care services, which offers supervision, daily living assistance, and activity programming during business hours when many caregivers have other work, school, or business obligations.

Difference between and senior daycare center

What makes a memory care program different from the average senior daycare center? Several things, beginning with a specially-structured physical facility. A memory care facility must be specially designed to help deal with people with memory challenges, which not only involves ensuring that the facility is physically secure, but also that the facility is safe for people who may experience forgetfulness, disorientation, or confusion. The staff must be trained to deal with dementia.

There are certain behaviors known to escalate or deescalate the confusion that can accompany MCI, and special training ensures that staff is adequately equipped to deal with situations that can easily become highly emotional or volatile. Finally, activities should be geared towards patients with MCI, ensuring that they stay socialized and even focusing on improving cognitive impairment, whenever that is possible.


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