Benefits Of Dementia Care Memory Clubs

Adult Day Care is a term that can be pejorative. At Regency Memory Care Center, we abjure this concept. We put it on its head. Instead of the perceived adult babysitting concept, we operate a modern facility where we work with your loved ones in a creative and unique fashion to help them rediscover their lives. Our trained professionals in Toms Rivers NJ offer Alzheimer’s and dementia care with the intent to help them and you.

Dementia-Tailored Activities

Dementia is a tragic disease. It severely affects the memory. For those who work daily with a loved one suffering from this issue, we offer three advantages:

  1. A safe environment in which to leave your parent, grandparent, spouse or other affected individual
  2. The chance for the individual to take part in programs geared specifically for those with dementia
  3. Respite! Respite! Respite! For your own mental well-being, you need to have a break. This allows you to take time for yourself without worrying about your elderly individual. You can run errands, give yourself a spa day, spend time with other family members, attend a special event or just veg out. You know your elderly charge is in good hands – individuals trained in dementia care


Regency Memory Care Center Toms River NJ

At Regency Memory Care Center in Toms River NJ, we will attend to the needs of your elderly with activities tailored to meet their issues.

Is Dementia Care the Best Option?

Are you wondering whether our day care services are the best option? Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Does your senior need a bit more structure?
  • Do they like to socialize but cannot at home?
  • Do they need greater stimulation?
  • Do you or any regular caregiver need a daily or at least regular break?
  • Are they at home and not ready for long-term care?


If you answer “yes” to these questions, consider dementia care services at Regency Memory Care Center in Toms River NJ, as the most viable option.


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