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To all the caring staff at the Regency Club,
As you may know, my Mom, Maggie, was apprehensive about joining your club. “I am happy with my own company”, “I don’t like to socialize”, “I just need my TV and puzzles” were just some of the initial comments. ONE DAY at the club and Maggie couldn’t wait till her next adventurous day!
The atmosphere, the activities, the meals are all great but the MOST IMPORTANT part of the Club is the WONDERFUL, CARING, SUPPPORTIVE STAFF!! My mother positively talks about each and every one. I would like to add that the staff also cares about the caregivers. Always a warm reception when I talk/meet with a member of the staff. Being in healthcare for over 45 years I can be somewhat critical of care delivery. Only POSITIVE COMMENTS from me!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU ALL!! ~ Patricia Grassmann



In June after my husband had deteriorated to the point where all he wanted to do was sit in front of the TV, I decided to try Regency. What a wonderful decision it was. The dedicated people, the activities and the atmosphere proved to be the right choice.
My husband is happy and participates in the group activities. Betty Jean is to be commended for all her hard work and wonderful trips and daily activities. Marie and the rest of the staff are caring individuals and especially sensitive to the needs of theses souls who are losing their sense of identity and purpose. The monthly luncheons for the caregivers are especially thoughtful where we can meet other caregivers and exchange notes and stories. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Regency and may G-d bless. ~ Maryann Gallo



Dear Operation Manager,
I want to commend your entire staff for the great job they all do in caring for my mother, Julia Tava. Since she has been going there every day, I have seen an improvement in her. She tries to help in pulling up her pants, which is hard to do with one hand. She seems more social and I feel she`s happy to see everyone, staff and clients, when she arrives. My brother said one day she left singing ad dancing. It can’t get much better than that. Our thanks again to all! Sincerely, ~ Linda Tava



First, I commend the Regency for honoring their staff with appreciation! I think that shows how valuable they are to the daily operation of the club, which is evident in the care and treatment the clients receive when they are there.

My father “Kirk” has been a “member” of the Regency for approximately three (3) years and it has been the most wonderful experience, life saving even! The staff has been through it all with him…his good days, his bad days and even worse days. He has always been treated with respect and dignity, but especially loving kindness. The kind of loving kindness you can`t fake….a REAL feeling of being loved. This is why the Regency is so special to our family…..because the staff treats him like FAMILY! The kind of care he receives while there, enables my brother and I to continue to function in our lives without too much worry. It makes us happy to know he is happy….and we know he is HAPPY at the Regency (well, most of the time…)!

Jon and I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude, especially to the staff who are hands on with him on a day-to-day basis!!! I am especially grateful to Carolyn, who took the time to bring my father to the hospital when my Mom was on hospice and was about to pass on. She helped him make a little gift to bring to her and brought him to her bedside and helped to comfort him and talk to him in her special way. I had tears in my eyes then, and I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about how wonderful and thoughtful she was to do that. Not to mention, she came to visit her on her own time on another visit. Compassionate and caring that meant so much to us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I also love how when I come to visit and need to leave without Dad following me out, she has a special way of distracting him…and dancing with him! I love it!!

Of course there is always a special appreciation for Bena! She always manages to talk me through situations and provide guidance along the journey. She has always taken my calls, text, e-mails and joyfully tried to help!! I love the way she talks and interacts with Dad….and it shows in the way he looks at her and responds. I will never forget the day we ran into Bena at Dr. Shua-Haim`s office and she asked him who she was and he replied “Bena”. We were all blown away, because we certainly didn’t expect that. I love how she appreciated it as much as I did. Bena has been AMAZIG through the past few years. Helpful…always helpful.

Marie…WOW, what can I say. I think my father is in love with you!!! You two really have a special bond and I am so happy. You have the perfect knack for interacting with him and getting him to respond. You have been such a great asset to the Regency and I truly appreciate all you do and have done with my Dad so far. You truly get that he is/was an intelligent man and he needs respect and wants to feel important, just like how he felt throughout his career. I absolutely love that you give him file folders for his “meetings”!! You are AWESOME! Betty Jean, you have known and worked with my Dad throughout. Whenever we had a hard time trying to get him to do something…we would just say, “Let`s get Betty Jean”. His response was always….OH OKAY!!! And you were the magic charm! Your upbeat personality and beautiful smile won him over easily! I thank you for all that you do!

I really don’t want to leave anyone out, but I don’t know all the staff personally. I do want to say a special thank you to Charlie and the other drivers who have the challenge of getting him in and out of the car; Lorraine for really communicating with him and showing him genuine love and kindness; Nicole for all her bubbly fun time and joyful presence, Gabby for dancing with him and of course…every single member of the staff who makes it such a HAPPY place for those who would be lost in the system and not be able to have the best quality of life possible because nobody cared. I truly believe the efforts made by the Regency staff to give everyone the best day possible, every single day, makes all the difference in the world to the members who are blessed to spend time there. Thank you one and all. ~ Robin L. Florio



I would like to thank The Regency for doing such a wonderful job. My husband Jim attends every week and I can attest to the fact that it has benefitted him immensely. The staff is OUTSTANDING, ATTENTIVE, CARING and LOVING to each client that attends. I would like to especially thank Betty Jean, Bena and Nicole for doing such a wonderful job, without you The Regency would be lost… KUDOS to you all! ~ Kathy McMahon



I want to thank you for having me. As I mentioned to you I differently see a change in Jim since he started at “The Regency”. He comes home from there a happier man. He always tells me he loves it there. To quote him “he is not sitting around moping all day, he is having fun”. Now you tell me what more could you ask for. I thank you for adding substance to my husband’s life during the difficult changes that are taking place in him. He knows what is happening to himself and also knows that it will get worse. So for now to know that he is enjoying himself it warms my heart and it tells me he is where he has to be. Change is difficult at times but I always try to have my cup half full, not half have empty. Love you guys, ~ Kathy



OMG!! Mom has become so happy and eager for the next day to come. I have not heard her say “I wish god would take me” in a long time. I cannot tell you people enough how much of a difference you have all made in her life and in mine. When I know she is there it’s a peace of mind for me knowing she is having fun and that she is well cared for. She loves you guys. Love you all!!!
~ Larine Liddell, EMT SIT CHT



To Bena and everyone at The Regency:
I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the care you gave my mother, Mary Ann Cuccaro. She loved going to your club and I had such peace of mind that she was enjoying herself and was well taken care of. Your staff are wonderful caring people that treated my mother with such dignity and care and respect. Thank you for all that you did! With Heart filled thanks! ~ Lisa Walker



There aren’t enough words to thank you for the happiness I’ve felt since I came here and got to know all of you special people. Everyone who attends is blessed by the caring you give us all. I love all the new friend I’ve made at Regency.
Love, ~ Maggie



The Regency Memory Care Club was the blue skies and sunshine that my Father needed, and the break for my Mother as his caregiver. The staff has been so wonderful, from directorship level to transportation. They are all responsible for bringing my Father back to life and feeling like he has a purpose in his life. He is happy, he is smiling, and cannot wait to be picked up every morning to spend the day participating in activities with the staff and members. In my music video, entitled “Sunrise to Moonset”, I used some pictures of him from The Regency to show viewers how happy he is and how much he loves participating and having fun as my Father used to. Thank you all for making a difference!

Ann Marie Polito, Daughter
Marie Polito, Wife,
and the rest of the family.



Our mother began attending your program in May 2015. Prior to her going to your program our family was at a loss on ways to handle her Alzheimers and the effects this disease was having on her. While we did everything we could think of to make life easier for her and our father we were often left physically and emotionally exhausted, confused and frustrated. Watching Alzheimers slowly take away the parent you love is a slow, painful process. Our mother was always full of life with a love of laughter and a personality as big as the sky. The progression of her disease was taking all of that away.

Her participation in your program has brought the mother we’ve known and loved back to us. The socialization, cognitive stimulation and unconditional love your program and staff has provided to her has reignited the light inside her. Our mother can now be found singing and dancing around our house, laughing with ease and enjoying simple day to day activities. Your superior staff has also afforded our family knowledge, understanding and the same unconditional love to us, the loved ones of a person with Alzheimers. Leaving your parent at a day program for the first time is something most adult children do not ever imagine doing. Your staff helped up step back and allow the process to happen naturally.

While already thrilled with the services your organization and staff provide our mother we were once again impressed and astonished at the birthday party you recently organized for her. It was as if my father and I were joining our “family” to celebrate mom’s 75th. The festive atmosphere, personalize cake and inclusions of my father and I in the celebration was something I never expected and something I am so appreciative of.

We know Alzheimers is a disease in which there is no cure. We know, sadly, our mother’s prognosis. Knowing we have your program and staff through this journey however makes it all seem alright.

On behalf of the Evers family, I cannot thank you and your staff enough for everything you have done.

Sincerely, Donna Evers
P.S. There are too many people to single out one staff member, but know we are grateful for ALL of you!



To all the caring staff @ The Regency Club, As you may know, my Mom, Maggie, was apprehensive about joining your club. ” I am happy with my own company”, “I don’t like to socialize”, “I just need my TV and puzzles” we’re just some of her initial comments. ONE DAY at The Club and Maggie couldn’t wait till her next adventurous day! The atmosphere, the activities, the meals are all great but the MOST IMPORTANT part of The Club is the WONDERFUL, CARING, SUPPORTIVE STAFF!! My mother positively talks about each and every one. I would like to add that the staff also cares about the caregivers. Always a warm reception when I talk/meet with a member of the staff. Being in healthcare for over 45 years I can be somewhat critical of care delivery. Only POSITIVE COMMENTS from me!!
A grateful daughter, Patricia Grassmann



My wife who suffers from advanced alzheimers,has been going to the Regency club for over 1 year. She loves the club is anxious to go every day. Prior to going she would sit in one spot all day and rarely communicate. Now she loves the activities,the lunches out to good restaurants and the live entertainment three or four times a week. I try to visit at least once a week during entertainment and have been able to get her out on the dance floor where she sings along with the entertainer. Her life is greatly improved,mine is too since I know she in in good,caring hands,getting her hair,nails and make-up done..things I could not do for her.I had visited other facilities and their idea of live music is twice a month at Regency it is 3 or four times a week! I heartily recommend the Regency Memory Care Club to anyone who has a loved one who needs caring and professional supervision.
Bill Winder husband of Ginger Winder,Toms River



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