Seniors in Paramus, New Jersey need an extra level of care and support if they have been diagnosed with dementia. Family members may be tempted, especially initially, to take care of everything. Often this results in a build up of stress over time that can be detrimental to every member of the family. Dementia is progressive, so even if the early indications are mild and do not require much in the way of changes to lifestyle, care considerations, or the home environment, over time the condition may progress, leaving individuals suddenly seeking care options. The rule of thumb with dementia is acceptance. From a place of acceptance, all members of the family can make dementia care decisions that promote short-term and long-term health and well-being.

Seniors Benefit From Artistic Expression dementia care

Dementia is a condition characterized primarily by cognitive and memory impairments. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for dementia or its root causes—including Alzheimer’s disease. Until a cure exists, seniors with dementia will need access to special services and care to prevent problems like accidents or to help with daily chores and activities. Because of the progressive nature of dementia, care should ideally be offered to the person as soon as possible.

The signs of dementia may be alarming at first, and it can be tempting to go into a state of denial. Denial will only cause more harm. There are a wealth of opportunities for dementia care not just for the person with dementia but also for caregivers. Everyone wants their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia to live as independently as fully as possible, and this can be done but only with the proper dementia care. Dementia care options include a wide range of services, brain, mind, and body exercises, and treatment interventions, all within a caring and supportive environment.


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