Why Your Loved One Can Benefit From Memory Care

If you have a loved one suffering from forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know that it can have an isolating effect on them. However, it doesn’t have to such a negative and all-encompassing effect on their life. With the stimulation, activity and socialization received from memory care in Paramus, NJ, loved ones will actually experience more enjoyment and decreased symptoms in their everyday lives. Here is a list of reasons why you may want to look into a memory care facility for your loved one today.

Maintain a healthy, social and active lifestyle

For starters, research has shown that patients with memory-affecting diseases can actually decrease the progression rate of the disease by maintaining a healthy, social and active lifestyle. With memory care in Paramus, NJ, members participate in fun activities and social events that foster friendships and healthy brain occupation. Ultimately, this slows the progression of memory diseases as it provides your loved one with enjoyable, structured activities that help them thrive.

Structured Activities & Events

Structured activities and events help slow the progression of memory diseases by activating various portions of the brain that would otherwise remain subject to detrimental effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia. For example, certain activities and events sometimes trigger memories for members as well as fostering a community environment where they can emotionally connect with other people Both of these features help strengthen that more vulnerable part of the brain and keep it from becoming prematurely unhealthy.

Lessen Anxiety and Depression

Additionally, participating in memory care in Paramus, NJ has been shown to lessen anxiety and depression that your loved one may sometimes suffer over their illness. Where isolation encourages anxiety, community and stimulation help lessen it and actually have a lessening effect on the illness. The staff in a memory care facility is well-trained in a variety of differing situations, so members are in good hands while they’re there.

Reasonable pricing

One final consideration that makes memory care a great solution is the fact that it is a day care facility – since it is not overnight, the costs are lower, and members can come and go as they are available. Between the cognitive benefits, the community environment, high-quality care and reasonable membership pricing, memory care in Paramus, NJ is a great way to care for your loved one. They have something to look forward to each day and receive a wide array of health benefits along the way, making memory care an option well worth pursuing. Visit our website for more information on memory care today.


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