A Purple Heart 32 Years LaterIn May 2015, one of our very own members, Mr. Charles Bloodgood, was awarded a Purple Heart. In 1953, during the Korean War, U.S. Corporal Charles Bloodgood was badly wounded from a mortar fragment that tore into his left hip, and was taken to a nearby army hospital. While laying in the hospital bed, a delegation of army officials began to pass out Purple Hearts. However, the delegation ran out of Purple Hearts two beds before Bloodgood.

After many years—32 to be exact—and many letters sent by his son Robert Bloodgood, Esq. to congressmen and even to President Regan, the Purple Heart finally arrived. It didn’t come with a large fanfare from the military color guard, but rather in a plain brown envelope along with a big hug from his son Robert.

“We are so honored to have Charles as one of our members,” said Marie Mercuro, Program Director at The Regency. He is truly a great man, a war hero, and yet humble nonetheless. Charles still suffers from the injuries he sustained all those years ago in Korea. When we ask him, he tells us with a smile on his face “I would do it again to defend my country if I had to,” and we all know he means what he says.



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