Heart Smart WordfindIt was traditionally considered to be the seat of affection. So it’s no coincidence that during February, we celebrate both American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day!

Yet when we think about lifestyle choices that promote hearts health, we might think that it’s pretty much about denying ourselves many of the things we love. For sure, some of our cravings may be dangerous for our hearts. Unhealthy fats, a couch potato lifestyle, consuming too much salt and smoking can all be factors in heart disease.

But here’s some good news! Studies show that our heart-protecting instincts might be better than we think. Many of the things that we just naturally enjoy also benefit our cardiovascular health. The names of 20 of them are hidden in this puzzle. Give your brain a workout and find them all. Click here to download the puzzle.

Need a little help? Click here for the solution.

Keeping It Heart Healthy

Wondering about which foods are healthy and unhealthy for our hearts? When it comes to some favorites, such as salads, nachos, chili and desserts, it’s all in how you prepare them. The American Heart Association’s Simple Cooking with Hearts can help you turn some no-no foods into yes-yes recipes!


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