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The Regency Memory Care Club in River Edge, New Jersey

A Unique Solution for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and memory loss. People with memory loss have unique needs and their families require a unique solution to help care for them. The Regency Memory Care Club in River Edge is a memory social day club designed with the specific purpose of caring for those with memory impairment, from Alzheimer’s to dementia. From early-stage to late-stage, our team of remarkable people delivers a truly exceptional program.

Built on Research
The Regency Memory C.are, River Edge NJ, has been developed based upon the latest research. As a result, we offer our members an innovative program that makes a tremendous difference in their lives. We use the latest technique and approaches to create a place where our member can THIRIVE and live an ACTIVE life while remaining in their homes.

Making the Most of Everyday
We are committed to helping each one of our members get the most out of every day. We offer specialized programming that is tailored to individual abilities and preferences, helping each person in our care realize self-worth, fulfillment and joy.

One Community
We also serve as a resource to families and the community, offering education, guidance and information. We care for people through all stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and memory impairment.

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River Edge NJ Address

91 Route 4 East
River Edge, New Jersey 07661

(201) 525-2200.

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