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Dealing with memory loss can be a challenge, not only for the seniors who are experiencing that loss, but also for their family members and caregivers. In fact, when confronted with memory loss, especially if that memory loss is accompanied by a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be tempting to give up hope. However, it is critical to realize that, while life-impacting, memory loss does not have to be life-ending.

Memory Care Clubs focus on stimulating and exercising the brain to help it remain as healthy as it can be. The goal of a Memory Care Club is to help those who suffer from memory loss remain as active and vibrant as possible, for as long as possible. Generally, they do this by working with patients and their caregivers to provide stimulating activities that help exercise the brain.

When Alzheimer’s and dementia first came to prominence as age-related health problems, many people took a warehouse approach to patients. It was almost as if people believed that a lack of ability to remember was linked to a lack of ability to enjoy things as they occur. However, the more people worked with patients suffering from memory loss, the more professionals became aware that quality of life remains incredibly important to people with memory loss. The confusion that is often associated with such memory loss can be mitigated, in some ways, by engaging people in activities that challenge their cognitive skills, and in some cases, even slow down the progression of the illness.

The Regency Memory Care Club in Toms River, New Jersey focuses on providing the highest quality entertainment and activities for those suffering from memory loss. Knowing that each activity is an opportunity for enjoyment, in the moment, by those suffering from memory loss, Regency strives to ensure that all activities are as fulfilling as possible. This approach starts by making even the basics, such as meals, extraordinary; offering gourmet food options that can be tailored to fit specific dietary needs. Activities focus on memory enhancement, working with parts of the memory and recall that may be easier to access, so that everyone can participate, while still exercising recall. The setting is secure, but not institutional, offering a home-like setting without sacrificing the security that is needed to ensure the safety and comfort of the members. Beauty services are available on site for members, because of an awareness that looking good is part of feeling good. All of these services are offered by staff that is supportive, caring, and experienced in dealing with memory loss.

Memory Care Services Provided

  • Professional Staff
  • Gourmet Meals
  • Beauty Services
  • Memory Enhanced Activities
  • Extended Daily Hours
  • Hourly Services Available
  • Secured Home Like Setting
  • Support Groups
  • Transportation
  • Personal Care


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