Coronavirus Update

Dear Regency Memory Care Club Community,

As we continue to receive updates about the coronavirus be assured, we are vigilant in our planning and are implementing effective infection prevention procedures.

We want to minimize any disruptions in our service for our families, and we will continue to monitor the situation around the coronavirus closely to make any changes that may become necessary. We are remaining open as we are an essential service to our members suffering from dementia/memory loss and their families. They rely heavily on us and we are here to make sure that they are being cared for in a safe environment.

Below is an update on just some measures RMCC is implementing as we continue to attempt to keep our members and employees as safe:

  • The RMCC Administration meets regularly to review the Centers for Disease Control and the New Jersey Department of Health updates and recommendations.
  • We have partnered with a local Urgent Care to provide ongoing Covid-19 nasal swab testing of all employees
  • All hard surfaces continue to be disinfected and cleaned multiple times daily and every evening the clubs are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Member and employee attendance are monitored and screened daily.
    • A comprehensive Symptoms Checklist is utilized
    • We are taking employees’ and members’ temperatures as they arrive at the club and twice more throughout the day
    • All those who are sick are asked to remain home until symptom-free and we will require a doctor’s note to resume attendance
  • We are not allowing visitors or vendors to come in to the building
  • We have a thorough emergency preparedness plan developed
  • We recommend that families of members, members and employees refrain from international travel to highly affected countries.
  • We have increased signage throughout the building and in all bathrooms to remind everyone the importance of hygiene and to thoroughly wash their hands.
  • We provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to all members throughout the day. We assist them in washing their hands with soap and water several times per day.
  • We are using disposable plasticware, paper plates and disposable cups in our dining rooms.
  • We assign chairs and tables to each individual member
  • We are avoiding unnecessary personal contact with the members
  • Every employee must wear masks and are required to wash their hands properly throughout the day

Activity Programming Adjustments

Our goal is to always “make the most of everyday” so we have taken necessary measures to make adjustments to our activity programming. This way our members can stay active and enjoy their visits to the club during this time. We will temporarily suspend unnecessary trips to restaurants, however, we will cater their favorite restaurant foods to the club. We will explore approved outdoor activities once the weather is warmer. We have designed activities that don’t require close contact and/or sharing of any game pieces. All activities adhere to social distancing rules.

What Can You Continue to Do?

As the CDC suggests, the best advice is to wash your hands frequently to lower the risk of spreading germs and social distancing. You should not send members to the club if they show any symptoms of illness and seek medical attention if symptoms exist. Avoid unnecessary personal contact with your elderly loved ones (no hugging, kissing or hand holding).

Once again please join us in praying for all the victims of the coronavirus and thank you for your cooperation in keeping our members and staff safe and healthy.

The Regency Club Memory Care for Seniors

Making The Most Of Every Day

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