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As parents and grandparents age, they may become unable to take care of themselves or need constant supervision. Families may still want to provide in-home care for an aging senior for as long as possible, while still maintaining an active lifestyle outside the home. Most New Jersey families are not independently wealthy, and are searching for a budget conscious solution for their aging loved one. Therefore, many seniors move in with younger family members when they are no longer able to meet self-care needs, they are often transplanted away from community support networks and groups of friends, and may have a difficult time meeting new people.

Adult Day Cares provide services that meet the needs of seniors and of their caregivers. As their name implies, adult day care facilities provide a place for seniors to stay, generally during set hours, while their regular caregivers get a much needed break. While the services available at individual adult daycare facilities vary, they may include: transportation, meals, health services, social opportunities, exercise, recreational opportunities, supervision, physical therapy, medication management, educational opportunities, and family counseling services to help both the senior and the caregivers adjust to some of the challenges of aging.

There are different levels of care at various adult day care facilities. Some adult day cares function more like senior community centers and provide opportunities for socialization with minimal supervision and assistance. These centers may need to meet some basic physical needs for their attendees, but are not generally called upon to provide significant healthcare relief. Other adult day cares are tailored towards seniors with more comprehensive health needs and focus on meeting those needs first and providing socialization, second. Respite care is focused primarily on giving caregivers a break, and is provided by all adult day care centers.

Adult day care services are important because they fill a need for caregivers and seniors who want to keep seniors out of assisted living or skilled nursing facilities for as long as possible, but realize that they cannot provide all of the services a senior needs at home. They can not only give caregivers the opportunity to work and run errands, but can also provide a much-needed break for seniors and their caregivers.


Adult Day Care Services Provided

  • Professional Staff
  • Gourmet Meals
  • Beauty Services
  • Memory Enhanced Activities
  • Extended Daily Hours
  • Hourly Services Available
  • Secured Home Like Setting
  • Support Groups
  • Transportation
  • Personal Care


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